Friday, August 6, 2010

The story so far: Julia dumped Kevin because Kevin had no friends, then Julia said... #ausvotes

The story so far: Julia dumped Kevin because Kevin had no friends. Julia said everything that went wrong was Kevin’s fault. Kevin ran home in tears and Julia became the most popular girl ever. Julia wore fancy makeup and everybody loved her.

Then Kevin’s neighbourhood felt sad for Kevin and somebody (not Kevin) told everyone that Julia didn’t like old people. Suddenly everybody thought Julia was mean especially when Kevin got sick and went to hospital.

But no! Julia wasn’t mean at all. An evil fake Julia had taken her over and made her do the bad things. Real Julia came back and promised to be nice. Julia sent a text to Kevin saying hi. Kevin felt better and said everything was OK.

And now Julia and Kevin will meet and possibly even talk for the first time in more than a month.

Believe it or not, an actual federal election result may depend on today’s pretendy-friendy antics of these two complete idiots.
And one of these two fakes is still probably going to be prime minister in a couple of weeks time. What a joke.

Somebody observing the meeting noted "not a handshake, not a smile, barely a glance in each others direction."

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