Friday, August 13, 2010

Serial idiot & Murdoch paranoid obsessive Bob Ellis gets a history lesson

Tim Blair:
An impressive triple play from paranoid Bob Ellis:
Rupert Murdoch loves to cheat. He does it all the time. It’s meat and drink to him. And as with Bigotgate, and as with election night in the US in 2001, when his commentator John Ellis, George Bush’s cousin, called it for Bush while a million Florida votes were still to come in, he changes the course of world history sometimes with his intricate, skilful cheating of public events …

Let us be sure at least of that.

It’s Bob who’s changing history. To review:

• Election night was in 2000, not 2001.

• The mistaken early call made while votes were still in play was for Al Gore, not George Bush.

• John Ellis called Florida for Bush at 2.16am, after all polls had closed.

Who edits this rubbish? Oh, right.
UPDATE. In other failure developments:
You’ll love this one. A single phone call was enough to uncover the most hilarious fail we’ve encountered this year. We’re still laughing so much we can barely type the words, but here goes …

Why didn’t The Age make the finals of the PANPA Newspaper of the Year awards?

Are you ready for this? Hold on. Brace yourself.

They.  Forgot.  To.  Enter.

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