Saturday, August 14, 2010

For WikiLeak's Julian Assange, Afghans opposing the Taliban are traitors

Wikileaks’ recent unloading of delicate information relating to military strategy in Afghanistan drew the attention of Taliban goons, who were most interested in the activities of Afghans working with US forces:
Zabihullah Mujahid told Channel 4 News that the insurgent group will investigate the named individuals before deciding on their fate.

“We are studying the report,” he said, confirming that the insurgent group already has access to the 92,000 intelligence documents and field reports.

“We knew about the spies and people who collaborate with US forces. We will investigate through our own secret service whether the people mentioned are really spies working for the US. If they are US spies, then we know how to punish them.”
Former British military intelligence officer Daniel Yates rightly pointed an accusing finger at amoral Wikileaks founder Julian Assange:
As more detail of the information contained in the ‘Afghan war logs’ emerges it appears clear to me that, despite his protests otherwise, Julian Assange has seriously endangered the lives of Afghan civilians.
So, how does Assange feel about the Taliban using his information to identify and kill those seeking liberation in Afghanistan? Why, he’s quite fine with it:
He expressed some ambivalence about the need to protect Afghans who have helped the U.S. military. “We are not obligated to protect other people’s sources,” including sources of “spy organizations or militaries,” unless it is from “unjust retribution,” he said, adding that the Afghan public “should know about” people who have engaged in “genuinely traitorous” acts.
In Assange’s world, opposing the Taliban is “traitorous”. The really cute thing is that while he’s exposing Afghans to the threat of torture and death, Assange is on the run and disguising himself to avoid any trouble in the US:
Mr. Assange said he still fears that the U.S. is trying to have him arrested for publishing the classified documents. He was meant to appear in person at the panel discussion about the media at London’s Frontline Club, but dialed in by Skype instead. Asked by an audience member for his current location, he said “no comment.” He appeared to have dyed his trademark white hair brown, and to have cut it in a close crop.

What a freakin’ hero.

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