Monday, August 9, 2010

What is it with Melbourne and toxic leftoid munchkins?

So asks Tim Blair.

As we can see, it is a good question. The other question I suppose would be why Marieke Hardy is thought of by some as not only funny, but clever? She really is the ideal poster girl of these dumbed down and vulgar times.
Marieke Hardy, the only 34-year-old Australian woman still in pigtails, is hired by the ABC’s First Tuesday Book Club as an expert in literary culture.

That alone tells us so much about the parallel decline of both our branch of that culture and the ABC itself. Here, for instance, is Hardy’s tweet on the Opposition Leader at his campaign launch:
“The most conservative instinct of all - the instinct to have a family’. Tony Abbott, I hope your cock drops off and falls down a plughole.
This now passes for sophisticated discourse among our fashionably educated barbarians. And so do these readers comments on her blog which Hardy to this day has refused to remove, despite being repeatedly reminded she should do so (the deletion of expletives is mine):
Lawrie said…
You mean you were within 5 metres of [then Opposition Leader Brendan] Nelson and you didn’t glass the c..t?

You dropped the ball Fits…

Margi said…
I agree with Lawrie. You should have “glassed the c..t” Nelson. You should have taken a piece of glass and torn his face to shreds, only leaving trails of bloody skin dripping from his ugly face and then you should have glassed his ass and balls so much, you castrate him so he could never procreate with his wife. Furthermore, glass the c..t wife and their children, while you’re at it, because they don’t deserve to procreate and have any children themselves, those blood-sucking Liberal c..ts!
More highlights from the career of an ABC arbiter of cultural standards:
Here’s excerpts from her published speech (to the Sydney Writers Festival):

``Hello. I hate speaking in public . . . I am currently working with Ewan Burnett on [Last Man Standing] . . . and when I asked him what I should say today he suggested I read one of my old spoken-word pieces about my parents sticking pepper grinders up each other’s a...s...."…

On her website, she notes how The Age attacked the editor of the student newspaper Farrago, Miranda Airey-Branson, 20, whose social sin is to vote Liberal.

``Is there some slutty sweary ladybird on-line who is an out and proud Liberal,’’ Hardy jeers, before describing how she would sexually abuse Airey-Branson, whom she calls an ``ugly ignorant c...’’… ``Then I’m going to p… on her.’’

Elsewhere she wishes she’d told the Liberals’ Bronwyn Bishop to die, and asks readers what to do with Treasurer Peter Costello’s home number, which she’s found.
Know that this is the CV that helped get Hardy chosen as one of our “1000 best and brightest” to join Kevin Rudd’s 2020 ideas summit, where she helped top draw up a proposed arts agenda for Labor’s Australia.

More contributions to our political debate from the ABC’s expert in literary culture:
• Tony Abbott finds the burqa ‘confronting’. OH YEAH? I FIND YOUR F**KING FACE CONFRONTING, DOUCHEBAG.

• Tony Abbott said no, and I thought he meant it. But he didn’t, so I just went ahead and sexually assaulted him.

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