Monday, August 16, 2010

OMG! 10 whole minutes to download a movie? Oh the humanity! #NBN

Malcolm Turnbull, co-founder of OzEmail, lists the eight reasons Labor’s broadband plan will be a white elephant.

The above link requires free registration. This one does not, but Turnbull’s eight reasons have been edited down to seven.

THE headline in our paper yesterday said it all: “At 10 minutes to download a movie, experts slam Coalition broadband plan.”

Oh my God! Rush out and spend $43 billion immediately - something like $4000 per pop to connect every house and office in the land - lest we have to put up with that. Clearly, the nation will be reduced to a wasteland if we can’t download movies in one or two minutes.

Somewhat inadvertently, these ‘experts’ captured the recklessly wasteful pointlessness of the Government’s National Broadband Network. That the only real point of it is to be able to download movies in a flash.

For everything else, the speeds the Opposition plan will deliver across almost 100 per cent of the population are more than fast enough. At perhaps one-seventh the cost.

Like I've said, I want faster and better quality porn on the internet as much as anyone else, but at taxpayers' expense?

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