Saturday, October 10, 2009

Children, kitties & puppies hardest hit. Bunnies cry.

The British government, nonplussed at why so many people are sceptical about its dubious claims about dangerous climate change, (oh, and the massive tax increases that it is using this as an excuse for), is "spending £6 million on a prime time advertising campaign featuring a father reading a bedtime story about the evil carbon dioxide monster created by grown ups which is making rabbits cry."

carbon monster.bmp carbon rabbit.bmp

The bit in quotation marks above is from Nature magazine.

This piece of over-the-top emotional scaremongering is even too much for it, with it's article headed Worst. Climate. Campaign. Ever.

In my view this is nothing more or less than blatant child abuse. That it is the government that is the abuser only makes things worse.

Here's the ad with some improving subtitles:

Thanks to Tim Blair and Not Evil Just Wrong Follow both links for more details.

Same observation as made previously - if the case for dangerous climate change was as strong as they claim it to be, then this kind of scare campaign wouldn't be necessary.

But at the heart of the campaign there lies the same unavoidable weakness, and they know it.

The projections of catastrophic consequences come from computer models that everyone in the end admits are not good enough to make actual predictions about possible future climate outcomes.

The IPCC itself admits this. The models are based on such an incomplete understanding of how the real world climate works that they bear effectively no relation to it.

Consequently they are incapable of making predictions, ie testable scientific hypotheses, (even though the IPCC does play along with language that gives the impression that they are making proper predictions), but rather only projections, which are nothing more than "what if" scenarios based upon very dodgy assumptions.

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