Saturday, October 10, 2009

The planet begins to heal!

From Tim Blair:
In honour of Obama’s Nobel prize, his hometown cancels global warming:
Start cursing the weather gods, Chicago.

Snow could be coming to town as early as this weekend. That’s right, snow. Flurries and flakes.

The forecast says that Saturday night rain will turn into the white stuff early Sunday morning.

If the snow sticks, it would be the earliest recorded measurable snowfall in Chicago.
Imagine how much colder it would be if Al Gore, the famous climate phenomenon, was also in town. But he’s at a conference of environmental journalists in Wisconsin, where … well, you guessed it:
The temps will feel more like late November than early October this weekend, as cold air from Canada covers Wisconsin in a blanket of frost and near record low temperatures

To top off the cold, snow is in the forecast as well … there could be some accumulation in central Wisconsin of up to a quarter-inch of snow on grassy surfaces Saturday night.

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UPDATE. Media concern that Obama’s prize will make people laugh at him:
It’s not just the harsh rhetoric from the right - rhetoric that will only grow louder over the weekend on the Sunday talk shows - that threatens the president.

It’s the comedy gold that the blogosphere as well as the late night talk show hosts and “Saturday Night Live” will exploit to no end.

In fact, there’s already a joke formula that’s exploded: fill in the blank with your favorite award (Oscar, American Idol, etc.) and say that President Obama has already won it without accomplishing anything to deserve it.

It’s funny because it’s true.
(Via Ace)

UPDATE II. Here’s the list.

UPDATE III. Meet the people who were passed over for Obama.

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