Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Darren Naish's new book: The Great Dinosaur Discoveries

From his blog Tetrapod Zoology:


I am reliably informed that a book I wrote during 2008 - The Great Dinosaur Discoveries (A & C Black, 2009) - is now out and available in the shops.

If you like my stuff you will, hopefully, want to own a copy: it's high quality, very nicely illustrated, and not all that expensive. While dinosaur books are typically arranged in either phylogenetic or geological fashion, my aim with The Great Dinosaur Discoveries was to show how our knowledge and understanding of dinosaurs has itself evolved over the decades. This sort of thing has only really been done a few times before. Ned Colbert looked at the history of dinosaur science in his 1969 Men and Dinosaurs, and John Gilbert did likewise in the extremely poorly known Dinosaurs Discovered (Hamlyn, 1979). Desmond's The Hot Blooded Dinosaurs is also notable for its strong historical narrative.

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