Friday, October 16, 2009

Mother Teresa is her other favourite political philosopher?

Look, quite frankly, I'm not sure which of Anita Dunn's nominated favourite political philosophers worries me more, Mao Zedong or Mother Teresa.

But I always cringe when some wet leftie starts going on about Mother Teresa or Jesus or the Buddha or Mahatma Gandhi.

You can almost guarantee that the person is a shallow and trite idiot, and practitioner of the politics of the warm inner-glow, who doesn't even begin to understand the object of their often misplaced affection.

Mother Teresa may have done some good work amongst the poor in India, (though not everybody is absolutely convinced about this), but she was no political philosopher and it is just plain stupid to say so.

Though just a minute, I suppose from the perspective of the wet left she was. Or at least her words can be picked over and reused to prove that you are a smugly superior compassion junkie.

And really, Mao? He was responsible for more deaths in the 20th Century than Hitler, but can you imagine the carry on if somebody said that Hitler was one of their favourite political philosophers, irrespective of how many caveats they appended to their statement?

As a final note, there's something about Glenn Beck that just worries me, but I think he has a point here.

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