Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Personally, I like my Andrewsarchus looking like a megawolf mesonychian

Also from Tetrapod Zoology:

You may recall that we had a bit of an Andrewsarchus thing going on here back in August. As you'll know if you followed the articles in question, there is now some suggestion that Andrewsarchus was not the megawolf mesonychian once imagined, but instead a weird relative of those entelodont giant killer pigs from hell. Inspired by this suggestion, a few artists have started to re-imagineer the animal. The other day I was very happy to see the following brand-new piece of art, produced by Tet Zoo regular Jaime Chirinos of Zooartistica (image © Jaime Chirinos, used with permission)...

Jaime's work has appeared here before (see Of dragons, marsupial lions and the sixth digits of elephants: functional anatomy part II and Giant killer pigs from hell). My question is: what exactly are those gulls? :)

For previous musings on Andrewsarchus see...

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