Thursday, March 25, 2010

"I am sick of being told that I am disadvantaged because I am female"

And good for you sister!

Female firies from Victoria's Metropolitan Fire Brigade are in open revolt about the latest bit of idiotic political correctness to raise its head there.

THE Metropolitan Fire Brigade has set fire to its own trousers by telling its ladies they’re oppressed.
Worse, it told the poor dears that what they really needed to make it as firefighters was a “gender inclusion action plan”.

Ouch! The only person in the MFB now feeling oppressed is its “diversity development officer”, who’s been monstered by the female firefighters she tried to turn into victims.

Take this scathing email sent last week by an enraged leading firefighter: “I joined the fire brigade to be a firefighter, that’s it, now let me be one ... and a professional one at that, irrelevant of gender, race and cultural background.”

Need an example of how anti-discrimination laws actually create more division than they end? How they institutionalise the very sexism and racism they’re supposed to remove?

Then read the furious exchange of letters below, between the MFB’s top brass and the female firies who are refusing to be treated differently from their male colleagues.

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