Wednesday, March 31, 2010

At a protest in California, complete with funny Jew-noses!

Funny how a few (often false or exaggerated) claims about racist elements at "tea parties" in America instantly become international news, but have a look at what's been seen and heard at Left-wing rallies there for years, complete with outrageous anti-Semitic caricatures!

Still, such crude racial stereotypes are one thing, but follow the link in the story above and it gets worse.

There's a picture of someone holding up a sign saying that the way to stop war is to "spay and neuter all filthy Jews." Charming.

The same fellow had another sign saying that Jews would soon be extinct like the dinosaurs, finishing with "welcome to Jewrassic Park."

(Now, you could argue that these people don't represent to majority of marchers, but they and people like them are a regular feature on the Left-wing protest circuit in the United States and elsewhere, and nobody organising these events or participating in them seems to mind a bit.)

9/11 was either perpetrated by Israel or an inside job, (or both according to some).

And so on and so on. Indeed, every flavour of Lefty nutjobbery known to Man is represented.

But as I say, while the mainstream media wants to make a song and dance about tea parties, the oceans of hate-filled bile expressed at events like this are completely ignored.

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