Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Atheists' convention almost enough to make me a believer again

I agree totally with Andrew Bolt here.

THE Global Atheists Convention in Melbourne last weekend worked a miracle on me.
I’ve never felt more like believing in God. Especially the Christian one.
My near conversion occurred because the convention’s speakers managed to confirm my worst fear.
No, it’s not that God may actually exist, and be cross that I doubted. It’s that if the Christian God really is dead, then there’s not much to stop people here from being barbarians.

He's not a Christian (or any other kind of religious believer); I used to be.

I know that people like Richard Dawkins are objectively correct. And yet, just like Mr Bolt, something about these people worries and disturbs me.

There's not only an almost evangelical zealotry about some of them, there's also the sheer nastiness and lack of civility so many of them display.

I may not agree with the current bishop of Rome on very much, but that doesn't stop me from seeing him as the basically kindly old man that he so obviously is.

Why did Richard Dawkins have to lower himself with such petty and infantile jibes as referring to Pope Nazi? Senator Stephen Fielding may not be the smartest member of the federal parliament, (and I've certainly been very critical of him on a number of issues), but was it really necessary to say he was dumber than an earthworm because of his religious beliefs?

What do you say about the attendees who apparently thought it was both incredibly funny and clever?

Or where, upon getting a positive reply to the question of whether any believers were in attendance, the Rationalist Society president Ian Robinson said “OK, I’ll speak really slowly.”

Wow. What a wit.

And so the nasty and petty condescension went on. These people are certainly utterly convinced of their own cleverness. And by and large they are indeed very, very clever. But boy, would you want your life being run by any of them?

Richard and the rest of you, can you give the arrogant disdain for ordinary people a rest? Irrational and superstitious beliefs are like the cane toad here in Australia: not going away any time soon and we may as well get used to this.

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