Friday, March 26, 2010

Labor Party in SA: wins vote only once out of six elections, but wins government four times!

Reader John Comnenus says Labor keeps winning elections in South Australia against the will of most voters:
In 1989 the ALP won 48.1% of the 2PP vote and formed government,
In 1993 the ALP won 39% of the 2PP vote and lost government,
In 1997 the ALP won 48.5% of the vote and remained out of Government,
In 2002 the ALP won 49.1% of the vote and formed government,
In 2006 the ALP won 56.8% of the vote and formed government,
In 2010 the ALP won probably around 49% of the vote and easily form government.

So since 1989 there have been six elections. The ALP has only won a majority of the vote once but has formed government on four occasions. The Liberals have won a majority of the vote on five out of six occasions but only formed government twice…

In Joh Bjelke Petersen’s day this was called a Gerrymander. In Mike Rann’s day it’s called a superior marginal seats campaign. Either way it seems that the State Electoral Commissioner in SA consistently puts up electoral boundaries that allow the Government to be formed by the ALP against the clearly stated will of the people.

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