Friday, March 5, 2010

Was Louis Nowra being fair to Germaine Greer or not?


Nowra is probably right about The Female Eunuch, but this cheap shot at Germaine Greer is not just cruel, but, worse, irrelevant:
...she looks like a befuddled and exhausted old woman. She reminded me of my demented grandmother...
Just a few words, but all it takes to make me doubt the judgement of the man who wrote the other 4100.

All that said, Nowra’s essay is a great read, a brutal but thoughtful and sometimes fair critique of The Female Eunuch and of Greer: the daughter embittered by her narcissistic mother’s emotional abuse; the powerful polemicist who inspired women to leave their husbands but who wrote off gays as ‘’faggots’’; the fantasist who reckoned mothers could live in farmhouses in Italy where a revolving door of friends, relatives and local peasants would care for their children; the acid-tongued mauler of other prominent women; the woman who imagined herself as the wife of the Bard (’’I’d f--- Shakespeare except that he especially asked that his bones not be disturbed’’); the author of ‘’dull and graceless’’ and ‘’increasingly daft’’ prose; the attention seeker on Celebrity Big Brother; and, ultimately, the ‘’irrelevant noise of a shock jock few people listen to any more’’.

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