Friday, March 26, 2010

Australian university embraces neopaganism

Very sad. Universities are supposed to be about reason and rationality, not new-age religion.


The Australian National University, supposedly a secular institution, uses public money to stage an open air Mass for its new faith.

And Vice Chancellor Ian Chubb seems too blinded by his green religion to notice that one element of his neo-pagan ritual - unmistakeably a celebration of the primitive - contributes to what he’s convinced is our damnation. From his email to staff and students:
This Saturday evening, the 27th of March from 8:30 to 9:30pm, the world will be switching off its lights in recognition of Earth Hour.... ANU staff, students and guests are invited to mark the occasion by enjoying a free BBQ, music, dancing, drumming performances and a fire show on Fellows Oval from 6pm.  Bring family, friends and a picnic blanket for a relaxed evening festival.
Utterly farcical. If they truly believed in their cause, they’d never have held the game at night to start with:
At 8.30pm the Sydney Swans will be preparing to start the third quarter of their match against St Kilda at ANZ Stadium. Turning out the lights for Earth Hour, then, becomes a little problematic.

Instead of playing football in the dark, the club is urging its supporters to switch off their lights at home before they come to the game or, if they are at home, to watch the match in the dark or by candlelight.

ANZ Stadium will do its bit, switching off the two 35-metre-long external signs for the hour and playing an Earth Hour message on the big screen.

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For a fascinating read about the global spread of what he calls 'dark green religion' -- and which this story is an example of -- see Bron Taylor's new book, Dark Green Religion: Nature Spirituality and the Planetary Future