Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Join our vast Light-Wing Conspiracy - the Hour of Power 2010!

From Tim Blair:

James Delingpole joins the Illuminati:

I need YOUR pledge NOW for the most important campaign in the history of the planet!
I refer, of course to LIGHTS ON – the vital protest being co-ordinated by my colleague Damian Thompson in response to the hideous annual exercise of eco-fascist triumphalism sometimes known as Earth Hour.

All Damian is asking us to do is that we screw up our courage, bump up our electricity bills and make damn sure we keep every single one of the lights in our home blazing between 8.30 and 9.30pm on Saturday March 27.

In fact, Thompson is aiming for a power burst beyond mere lights:

Just nipping out to the shops to stock up on lightbulbs (the old-fashioned variety, natch) just in case my electricity blows a fuse between 8.30 and 9.30pm on Saturday March 27.

Because EVERY SINGLE APPLIANCE in my flat will be on during the WWF’s “Earth Hour” switch-off, currently being plugged by a menagerie of celebrity bores including Chris Martin of Coldplay, Spartist actress Miranda Richardson (who’ll be in America, she tells us – how are you getting there, love?) and Don Foster MP of the Liberal Democrats. Yup, they’ve persuaded Don to sign up at last. Talk about a coup!

Britain’s LIGHTS ON campaign will shine in solidarity with America’s Human Achievement Hour and, of course, Australia’s mighty Hour of Power – which last year generated this beautiful comment from the mother of an Hour of Power toddler lieutenant:

Just preparing for earth hour. Max is loving running through the house turning all our switches on. We think he’s really learning something important!

That’s the Hour of Power spirit, Max! Besides educating our young and building an Anglospheric coalition of electrical unity, this year’s Earth Hour festivities will also feature visual contributions from those whose roofs glow ominously due to ill-placed insulation.

It’s going to be the brightest night of the year. Planning is essential. Please make certain that all your globes are operational. As for me … I’ve something special planned.

UPDATE. Bigmac emails:

I noticed on the Earth Hour site there is a game to find out how many planets are required to support your lifestyle. I wonder if anyone can get better than the 13.2 planets I got when I tried it.

There is another challenge to be made: Is it possible to get the usage down to less than one planet? Or is the game made so that no matter what, you feel guilty about your actions?


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