Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bruno Senna compares the Nissan GT-R against the Porsche 911 turbo

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From Tim Blair:

So you think you’re a good driver. Perhaps, if equipped with the right machinery, you imagine that you could even be a racing driver.

Think again. Here’s Bruno Senna – who’ll compete in Formula One this year – driving two high-powered road cars, the likes of which you and I could buy were we rich enough:

Now, I’m an OK driver. Quick enough not to totally embarrass myself on a closed course, cautious enough not to kill anybody on public roads. And I’ve driven both these cars Senna is driving, so I have a point of comparison. A very exact point, as it happens, precisely at 1:35, when the Brazilian is chatting to the passenger seat camera while flinging that Porsche around.

No. Hands. On. The. Wheel.

In similar circumstances, friends, you and I would be white-knuckling that steering wheel as though we were clutching to a cliff face. Oh, and at 1:54, note how Senna suspends his right hand free of the wheel so that he can strike it at the exact instant to correct a slide. This is something we cannot do.

In the Nissan, Senna lets the thing correct slides by itself; he’s basically steering it with his right foot. Easy for him. Impossible for us.

In other fasty motoring goodness, Mr Blair also points to a Michael Schumacher Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG commercial: (And I now have a troublingly persistent erection.)

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