Thursday, March 11, 2010

National Union of Journalists gets 9/11 nut to write terror manual

From Harry's Place:

Tony Gosling is himself a curious creature. He was thrown out of the Green Party after we at Harry’s Place exposed his antisemitic and homophobic outbursts.

Worse, Gosling is a 9/11 ‘Troofer’ who runs the biggest UK website for conspiracy nuts. Quite why the NUJ promoted him to their ethics committee after the revelations about his homophobia, antisemitism and his involvement is the “Truth” movement is anyone’s guess.

Gosling is singularly unsuited for the task. A paranoid delusional, he’s had bizarre Hitchcockian run-ins with the law himself, and has fallen under the spell of another 9/11 Troofer called Webster G Tarpley, who calls himself a “Terrororolgist”. Tarpley churns out books and tours the world insisting that terrorist attacks, including 9/11 and 7/7 are all ”false flag” operations, a view Gosling largely shares.

Now, I know it is frustrating and slightly maddening to have to ask this, but:

Why did  Britian’s largest union of journalists engage a person like Gosling to write a handbook on terror reporting?

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