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Guess how much this prefab school library cost?

Bloody hell. There probably was an argument for some stimulus spending that was well thought out and well targetted, so as to increase the long term productivity of the country, and thus help to justify the fact that it has been largely done with borrowed money that we are collectively going to have to pay back with interest.

Instead, we got this -

Andrew Bolt

Sunday, March 07, 2010 at 08:49am



How much would you pay for this apparent pre-fab, do you think? $100,000, maybe? Perhaps $150,000, tops?


Now read this:

At Stuarts Point Public School, a $931,000 library has been chocked using bricks and wood, which parents consider to be a safety issue.

Nearly $1 million?????? For that?


Good god. I’d say the $16.5 billion shovelled out by Kevin Rudd on the Building the Education Revolution may have wasted even more of your money than his mad insulation scam.


More here:

FOUR schools have joined forces to protest their dissatisfaction at work undertaken on their grounds as part of the federal schools stimulus building program.

Representatives from Mid North Coast public schools - at Willawarrin, Eungai, Stuarts Point and Scotts Head - met their local MP and Nationals Leader Andrew Stoner last week to discuss their concerns after being ‘’stonewalled’’ by the NSW Department of Education.

Eungai Public School had been allocated $850,000 for a new two-room classroom under the federal government’s Building the Education Revolution scheme (BER). It has been told it is now over budget and will not receive other items it had been promised, such as air-conditioning, interactive whiteboards and covered walkways.

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By contrast, Timberline is offering to build this home for less than $79,000 (verandah, plans, certificates and council fees extra):





Ezyhomes will build something vaguely similar to that library at Stuart’s Point, only much bigger, with a toilet, bathroom and kitchen included and an easily adapted floorplan for $219,000 - less than a quarter of the price:



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Reader Dracula shops for quotes:

Australian Construction Handbook – Edition 26 – 2008

Cost per Square Metre – Primary School – Single Story

Adelaide - $1255.00 - $1355.00

Brisbane - $1290.00 - $1390.00

Melbourne - $1270.00 - $1370.00

Perth - $1140.00 - $1225.00

Sydney - $1215.00 - $1305.00

Say Average Cost $1300.00 per mtr. Sq. At $931,000.00 the building (at Stuart’s Point) should have been 716 mtrs. sq. or 27 metres long x 27 metres wide.

Looking at the picture of the building I would estimate it to be 10 mtrs x 8mtrs or 80 sqm. mtrs. Amounting to a cost of $11,637.00 per mtr squared.

That’s $10,337.00 per square metre over the average national cost. What a rip off.

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