Friday, March 19, 2010

Thou shalt not enjoy thyself

The miserable food nazis are at it again. As I've said before, is it any wonder that increasing numbers of children are presenting with eating disorders?

These people are obviously not going to be satisfied until the very last drop of fun has been squeezed out of childhood.

British local council bans ice cream vans from trading outside schools because they 'encourage unhealthy eating'

There's absolutely no proof that ice-cream does any harm, of course. Leftists are uninterested in evidence. They just KNOW.

The jingle of the ice cream van tells schoolchildren summer is on the way. But the traditional treat has been banned by one council, which claims they encourage unhealthy eating. Bureaucrats at Hillingdon council have declared that vans which park outside schools will be impounded under new rules. They claim they were forced to act because there is 'a need to encourage healthier eating habits in children'.

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