Sunday, April 11, 2010

At Waterloo, Napolean did beat Saddam. UPDATE: Crikey's Waterloo

Andrew Bolt:

Tim Blair warns of the perils of relying on Robert Fisk even for your lyrics.
How many thousands of dollars in compensation did this cost the ”quality journalism campaigner Eric Beecher?
My wife is still furious that I stood on my free speech principles and did not sue Beecher, too, for his site’s astonishing vilification of me. The damage deliberately done by his hired smearer, as she points out, has been considerable.

I’m hoping the damage done is actually more to Beecher’s own reputation, which now sinks still lower. After all, mistakes can happen, but Beecher has actually hired people to slime conservative columnists such as Blair, which suggests he’s just brought the inevitable on his own head.

Apologies. Link to Crikey apology to Blair is now fixed.

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