Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tim Blair on his much loved aunt Jill and her mental illness

I must admit I had a little cry at my desk when I read this yesterday.

I've pinched the heading from the ABC's Leigh Sales http://twitter.com/leighsales
I went to my first grown-up party in 1972. It was my Aunty Jill’s 21st. I was six years old.

It was a surprise party, which seems odd for a 21st. Perhaps Jill’s parents had arranged it to take place a few days before her actual birthday. In any case, Jill – tall, extroverted, blonde and model-beautiful – was delighted by her surprise. So were all of us. To that point, I’d never been among a larger group of happy people.

Subsequent surprises were not so happy, however. Far from it. Yet there was to be a late-life turn of events that finally allowed Jill to find her purpose on this earth.
The rest here.

Though, in happier news, Crikey has issued this apology to Tim after the brave exposers of "intellectual dishonesty" at its Pure Poison blog, (a very aptly chosen name), engaged in a little intellectual dishonesty of their own.

Though after having a brief look at it yesterday, one can only conclude that they have been driven stark raving mad by Blair and Andrew Bolt. At times the blog seems to be about little else.

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