Saturday, April 3, 2010

The monumentally stupid Naomi Wolf

In her monumentally stupid book The End of America, feminist author Naomi Wolf predicted that the Bush years would end in a full-blown fascist dictatorship. (I detailed the many errors of fact and logic in Wolf's book here. My favorite claim in The End of America is this one: "The Communist revolutionaries of 1917 were opposed to torture, having suffered it themselves at the hands of czarist forces.") But the interminable Bush years ended as planned—and to Wolf's evident disappointment, without a putsch.

But paranoia is a stubborn thing, and America's most successful anti-fascist is keeping hope alive. In this interview with Alternet, Wolf has kind words for the libertarian participants in the Tea Party movement, accuses President Obama of being like Hitler, and explains how she and Glenn Beck are, in fact, very different.

The rest here.

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