Wednesday, April 7, 2010

(Some) Media Backtrack After "Dead" Palestinian Teen Emerges Alive

Yet another disturbing instance of how so much negative reporting about Israel is manufactured, often with the collusion of western media agencies, (such as the scenes of the Palestinian parliament meeting a few years ago in supposed candle light because the evil Israelis had cut off the power, when in fact the meeting took place during the day and they had to draw heavy curtains across the windows to make it look like they needed the candles for light - pictures of this scene, taken and witnessed by a number of western journalists present, still appeared on TV and in newspapers without any comment to let people know that they had been staged).

A Palestinian teenager, reported to have been shot "by Israeli forces" and "left bleeding for hours" before Israel allowed paramedics to evacuate him, has emerged, alive and (more or less) unharmed.

The discovery that the boy, Muhammed Faramawi, was in fact held by Egyptian police after entering Egypt through a tunnel from Gaza forced a number of news outlets, including the BBC and New York Times, to backtrack from earlier reports about the "killing." But disturbingly, other mainstream news organizations that reported the boy had died have failed thus far to update readers.


Muawiya Hassanein, the head of emergency services in Gaza, who has long been a cited in the Western media as a source of information on Palestinian casualties, was clearly a central figure in spreading the false allegations. But in the days after it became clear that Hassanein disseminated false information, Western media outlets continue to unquestioningly cite Hassanein's claims about other incidents.

Meanwhile, none of the news organizations that backtracked from their early reports of the supposed killing bothered to (publicly) examine how and why they were misled, with the possible exception of the BBC, which quoted Hassanein as explaining, "We were getting wrong reports from the officer in the field and we announced later in the day that we did not find the body."

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