Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nixon deserted and deceived and must go

I think the excuse makers for Christine Nixon and her incompetence and dereliction of duty and her, um, shall we say less than honest testimony about it, have now run out of excuses.

The Herald Sun has now written a special leader for its internet edition:
During her evidence, it emerged that:

- she did not use her phone to contact anyone between 6pm and 9pm on the night of Black Saturday, despite her previous evidence that she regularly kept in touch with what was going on,

- she did not access email, internet, television or radio coverage of the fires between 7pm and 8.20pm while at a North Melbourne hotel for dinner,

- she did not speak to Deputy Commissioner Kieran Walshe once that day despite saying previously that she had been in contact with him throughout the day,

- her husband had booked dinner at the North Melbourne pub the day before Black Saturday despite her previous evidence that she had no plans for the night,

- and that she told no one where she was going to dinner despite previously stating that people knew where she was.

Today, Nixon is damned by her own words. When leadership was most needed, she went missing.

More here.

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