Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Enhancing our strategic foresighting capabilities..."

'Enhancing our strategic foresighting capabilities is essential to developing a forward outlook of potential food regulatory issues which may arise.' Steve McCutcheon, CEO of Food Standards Australia New Zealand's (FSANZ), FSANZ newsletter, Autumn 2010. Thanks to Phil Doyle

Just one of the crimes committed against the English language and human communication detailed on the Weasel Words web site

It's even infecting sport now:

'I commit to providing members with a wonderful journey over the next few years that will see Matthew Knights and the players deliver excitement and ultimately the success that will drive a great member experience ... That ambition must be underpinned by a robust commercial operations model ... We must be world's best practice as a sporting organisation and the measure will be on-field success and stakeholder engagement.' Essendon Football Club Chairman, David Evans. Sent in by a disappointed supporter and member.

Yup, welcome to the Orwellian world of mission statements and management speak.

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