Friday, April 2, 2010

Der Spiegel: A Superstorm for Global Warming Research

Okay, as James Delingpole has already said, when the Germans go cold on climate change alarmism, you know the game has changed.

Not before time though.

Very interesting summation of the current state of the climate change debate from Germany's Der Spiegel.
Germany's Leibniz Association, an umbrella group which includes several climate research institutions as its members, is the first professional organization to call for Pachauri's resignation. Leibniz President Ernst Rietschel believes that climate research is now "in a difficult situation" because the skeptics have been "offered an unprotected flank." Rietschel told SPIEGEL: "Rajendra Pachauri should take the responsibility for this and should resign."

On balance, the entire profession has been seriously harmed by the scandal. "We are currently suffering a massive erosion of trust," concludes German climatologist Hans von Storch. "Climate research has been corrupted by politicization, just as nuclear physics was in the pre-Chernobyl days, when we were led to believe that nuclear power plants were completely safe."

Read it all here.

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