Friday, April 16, 2010

Mike Rann to be the next ambassador to Italy?

He would replace Amanda Vanstone, whose term ends this year. Rann will need a new job, being damaged goods, and his wife, Sasha Carruozzo, has Italian parents.

This, of course, may help explain to some why Rann right now is fighting not for the interests of his state, but the interests of the man about to give him this lovely gift. Guess who got wheeled out to attack the strongest critic of Rudd’s controversial revolution in hospital spending, which experts warm could hurt the states:
SA Premier Mike Rann this morning criticised the Victorian Premier as the ”patron saint of lost causes”, noting Mr Brumby was also opposed to a federal takeover of the ailing Murray Darling Basin water system.

“This is a once in a generation opportunity, for future growth in our hospitals, we do not want to see it aborted by John Brumby or anybody else,” Mr Rann said.
Good doggie. Have an Italian biscuit.

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