Thursday, April 1, 2010

How much money is being wasted by Kevin Rudd & Julia Gillard on vastly overpriced school buildings? Nobody knows

Except for New South Wales, where it appears that as much as $500 million has been gouged out of the program in excessive fees charged by building companies as Julia Gillard has stood by and done nothing (other than make increasingly lame excuses).

As much as this conservative loves her, I am really starting to wonder about her competence as an administrator.
THE Victorian and federal governments are refusing to release cost breakdowns for thousands of building projects in the state’s public schools, prompting claims the information is being withheld to conceal rorts and ripoffs in the $16 billion program.

In contrast to Victoria, the New South Wales government has posted cost breakdowns for each of its projects under the federally-funded schools building program on its website.

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