Thursday, April 1, 2010

The new puritans and wowsers

Iceland has banned strippers, but not because stripping is sinful.

We haven't lost the puritans and their mania to make us be virtuous, whether we want to or not, we simple have a different kind these days.
This is the coalition of ideologues who have banned what Christians wouldn’t, ruling that men may not enjoy what feminists don’t like, and other women may not make money in ways their betters think sinful.

True, stripping is a demeaning trade and the less of it the healthier.

I’d even admit to being dismayed that our local councils are so indifferent to the trashing of our culture that they allow the huge twirling sign next to the busy Richmond train station that advertises two sleazier strip clubs.

But the issue here is not whether stripping should be banned (I’d say no), but who is most likely to ban it - and ban lots of other things they don’t like.

Or put it this way: it’s to identify just who is most likely to tick off Mark Webber.

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